Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we tried to include the most common questions about our software before purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that are not here and would like to know your answer. You can be sure that we will be glad to help.

How do I Buy Smart2DCutting ?

You can purchase Smart2DCutting on our web site. After that within 24 hours we will send to you serial number for your computer.

How do I know if Smart2DCutting is right for me?

An evaluation version of Smart2DCutting is available for free downloading from this web page. The best way to determine if Smart2DCutting is for you is to use it. We encourage you to evaluate Smart2DCutting prior to making a financial investment.

Only you can decide if Smart2DCutting has the right set of features for you
The evaluation copy of Smart2DCutting is fully functional. 
The only limitation is the number of parts that can be optimized at once, which is 30 parts.
It is your responsibility as a user of software distributed as Shareware/Freeware to evaluate the product to verify that Smart2DCutting meets all your requirements

How is work tecnical support service ?

We always try best provide tecnical support service. We use teamviewer remote support, phone, whatsapp and email. Email support always FREE. Other tecnical supports are paid-for service.

What is the parts limits ?

There are 4 levels of registration. The parts limit per job can be increased to 1001.00010.000 or to Unlimited, depending on which license you purchase.

The parts limit allowed by each registration level means the total quantity of parts that can be optimized at once per job. For example, the 1.000parts license will allow for a maximum of 1.000 parts to be optimized in every given job. You can have several jobs with 1.000 parts or less, but in every single job the parts limit would be 1.000. That is, you can have 100 or more jobs, each one consisting of 1.000 parts, but none can have 1.001 or more parts. You can enter as many parts you wish in a job but the optimization engine will complain if the parts quantity is higher than the maximum parts quantity allowed by the license in use.
The parts represents the pieces that are to be cut from the source panels or boards. For example, if you have the following parts list

MDF450 mm 1800 mm 10
MDF534 mm 926 mm 20
MDF576 mm 120 mm 16
MDF518 mm 120 mm 3
Total quantity: 49

The total quantity of parts would be: 10 + 20 + 16 + 3 = 49. The total quantity is the sum of all parts quantity in the current job.

In the "Panels and Parts" section, above the parts grid, there is a "Parts qty status bar" that displays the total quantity of the parts for the currently selected job.
If the parts quantity goes above the parts limit allowed by the license, the status bar becomes red.
How do I install Smart2DCutting?

Download and save the automated installation program to your computer. Then click on the install file, Smart2DCuttingDEMO_setup.exe to install Smart2DCutting. Smart2DCutting will run properly only after being installed from the installation program.

How do I register or purchase Smart2DCutting?

You can purchase Smart2DCutting on our web site. 

How is the Commercial version different from the Evaluation version? 

The free Evaluation version has printing disabled and the parts limit is 10.000 per job for the first 30 days. 
By purchasing a license, all limitations are removed and the parts limit per job can be set to 100, 1.000, 10.000 or to Unlimited, depending on the license purchased.

Can I use inches instead of millimeters?

You can use any measurement unit with Smart2DCutting
You can use inches, mm, cm, dm, M, or feet
Smart2DCutting let you enter project dimensions in one unit and display them in a different unit. (For. ex.: enter dimensions in mm and have them displayed in inches)
To change the measurement units select Options - > Settings from the main menu. Then choose the "Units" tab and make your selection.
Can I specify my custom material types?

Yes. You can add your custom material types. To add a new material type or to edit existing ones select Edit -> Materials from the main menu.
How do I calculate the cutting layout?

Highlight the project name you want to optimize by clicking on it, then click the "Optimize" button or press the F7 key on your keyboard. Smart2DCutting's optimizer will be activated and produce the cutting layout.

How do I change the Saw Kerf thickness?

From the main menu select Edit -> Materials. In the "Materials" grid, look for the "Saw Width" column. Set the desired saw kerf thickness for each material type in the list.

Can I print part labels?

Smart2DCutting can print labels for parts, panels and reusable offcuts. To print labels select "Labels" tab in the main window and select the label style you want to use from the available label styles list. You can also define your custom label appearance.

Can I specify the Grain Direction for each part individually?

Smart2DCutting has a very flexible grain control system. You can specify the grain direction for each individual piece by checking / unchecking the checkbox under the "Rotate" column..

Can I use different panel sizes in a job?

Yes. You can use many different size panels in a single job. You can also use different materials in a single job, FPY-PSF and MDF Board for example.

My computer crashed. How do I reinstall Smart2DCutting?

The software as you did originally and follow the steps in the activation wizard to activate your copy of the software. Activation is totally secure and anonymous. No personal info is required. 

Please feel free to contact us anytime with your Serial Number and Computer ID in case you need assistance with the activation process.

How do I make a backup of my data? / How do I restore backed up data? 

From the main menu select Options -> Settings, then go to "Database" tab.

To create a backup of the database click the "Database backup..." button and after selecting the desired location on disk click "Save". The backup filename will be named based on the current date and time for easier identification when it comes to restore it.

To restore a previously created database click the "Database restore..." button and after selecting the desired backup filename click "Open". During database restore, all current database files are removed and replaced with files from the database backup.

I'm having trouble importing a .CSV file

To import parts data from a CSV file select "Panels -> Import..." or "Parts -> Import..." 

A new window showing the content of the CSV file will open.

Select the character used as a field delimiter: comma (,), semicolon (;), tab, space or other. Please click the "Refresh" button after changing a field delimiter to reload and parse the CSV file content using the new field delimiter.

To change the name of a particular column in order to match its data click the column header to open the "Available fields" popup window. Select a new name for the column and click "OK". To prevent a column from being imported set its name to "None".

Finally, to import the data into the panels/parts grid click the "OK" button at the bottom of the import window.

How do I change the working cost currency ?

The working cost currency is based on the regional settings in your operating system. 

In windows XP you can change the currency symbol by going to "Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options" and under "Standards and formats" tab select your country from the drop-down list, then click on "Apply" button. 

In Windows Vista you can change the currency symbol by going to "Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Regional and Language Options" and under "Formats" tab select your country from the drop-down list, then click on "Apply" button. 

You may need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect (only if the new currency is not visible in the program).

How do I setup multiple workstations to use a common database ?

Smart2DCutting supports multiuser connections. By setting the database location to the same network drive on all workstations, you can have your data stored and accessed in one central location. 
To change the database location select Options -> Settings from the main menu. Then choose the "Database" tab and click the "Browse" button to select the new location for the database. Please note that Smart2DCutting must be restarted after changing the database location.

Please refer to your operating system documentation for information about network drives.