Why Choose Us

Since 2003, we have been developing engineering software that can produce professional optimization solutions which can be used in many sectors, mainly in furniture, glass, metal and construction sector. 

The main purpose of our software is to be able to use time and material with maximum efficiency and to produce alternative solution oriented solutions. In this way, contributing to our country's economy and helping our customers reach maximum profitability are our primary targets. Our software has been developed especially for furniture manufacturers in terms of production conditions and working systems.

Today, where material and time are very expensive and valuable, we provide success and confidence in the results of zero-cut optimization, the use of our software is very easy, does not require computer knowledge; Our software, 12 different languages ​​in many countries around the world to be used by thousands of customers and has become a brand that is followed in their field. 

We believe that our products will benefit and provide maximum solutions in your business.

We are distributor of Rasterweq Software. Rasterweq Software products (SmartCut) is one of the best cutting optimization software in the world. We always provide technical support to our customers. We use phone, remote support teamviewer, email and whatsapp message app.